Mission Statement

The Andrew College Athletic Department is committed to the general welfare of its student-athletes and embraces the NJCAA’s principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. It is dedicated to providing athletic programs that help develop the whole person through a focus on education and athletic competition.

Embraced in the mission of the Andrew College Athletic Department are the following principles:

      * To provide support in all areas of student-athlete welfare including academics, physical and emotional well-being, social development, personal growth, health           and wellness, career development, and community service 

      * To recruit student-athletes who are committed to academic and athletic success and who will enhance our program by representing the College with distinction

      * To prepare student-athletes to make transitions to the next level of participation academically and athletically

      * To provide facilities, equipment, training, and health care to ensure that student-athletes have the opportunity to excel 

      * To maintain a sound financial base through appropriate management of funds

      * To operate in compliance with all rules and regulations of Andrew College, GCAA, and NJCAA

      * To employ coaches and staff consistent with Andrew College, GCAA, and NJCAA philosophy and standards of integrity, moral conduct and sportsmanship 

      * To make the athletic programs of Andrew College an enduring source of pride for the students, student-athletes, alumni, the College, and community